A complete "back-office" system for your osCommerce online sales presence.

Seamless integration with osCommerce

Manage your ecommerce activities directly from within Artemis Accounts.



Artemis Accounts + osCommerce - the total e-business solution

Artemis Accounts, the price-performance leader in accounting products for small and medium-sized business, now supports osCommerce, the world's most popular online merchant application. The combination of Artemis and osCommerce provides a complete solution for online sales with full backoffice support for purchasing, stock/inventory control, cash management and all the accounting needs of your business.

Artemis Accounts + osCommerce - the perfect combination for your online business. The osCommerce functions in Artemis Accounts are enabled simply by installing the osCommerce Add-In which provides the following additional functionality:
  • Download Currency Table from osCommerce into Artemis.
  • Upload Currency Table from Artemis to osCommerce.
  • Download Customers from osCommerce into Artemis.
  • Upload Customers from Artemis to osCommerce.
  • Download Products from osCommerce into Artemis.
  • Upload Products from Artemis to osCommerce.
  • Upload Suppliers from Artemis to osCommerce as Manufacturers.
  • Download & view Orders from osCommerce and import them into Artemis Accounts as:
    1. Sales Orders, *
    2. Sales Quotations, or
    3. Sales Invoices,
  • Automatically update inventory/stock levels as orders are processed.*
  • Automatically update cash or bank records as orders are processed.
  • Configure connection profiles to allow easy access to multiple osCommerce stores.
* Sales Orders and full Stock Control require Artemis Accounts 3

The osCommerce Add-In is designed to work with Artemis Accounts 2 & 3. Affordable and very easy to use, these accounting software packages are ideal for one-person operations as well as for medium-sized companies that require multi-user access with full industrial-strength inventory control.

The osCommerce functions are fully integrated and available from within Artemis, allowing you to view customers and orders directly without the need to login to a separate system. All functions are fully documented and come with context-sensitive help to allow you get up and running immediately.

All versions of Artemis Account are available for download as a 30-day trial and the osCommerce Add-in is provided free of charge, so why not give it a try. You have a lot to gain, and nothing to lose!

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